My Top 6 Favorite Lemon Scented or Flavored Plants

Lemon BalmLemon Balm – can be used in cakes and cookies

Lemon Grass – use to flavor chicken or fish

Lemon Thyme – can be planted in rock gardens

Lemon Basil – great for Italian cooking and pesto

Lemon Verbena – use to make lemon tea, desserts

Lemon Mint – a great garnish, or to flavor iced tea

All of these are super easy to grow and readily available. Have fun gardening!


2 thoughts on “My Top 6 Favorite Lemon Scented or Flavored Plants

  1. Having dried leaves and made delicious tea with what I thought was lemon verbena, I see my live plant looks more like lemon balm or lemon mint. . .you might have included illustrations of these various lemon scented plants to help the novice. Actually they all seem to possess four properties: sedative, antispasmodic, antipyretic and antimicrobial, although conventional research is not being done…yet

    • You’re right in reference to their effect on the body. Taken as teas, these have the ability to settle an upset stomach, reduce headaches, and help with sleep. I currently do not have lemon verbena. That is a great idea and I will try to include pictures of it in the future.

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