Redhead Garden is now on!

It’s raining outside. If it wasn’t raining I would be outside deadheading my daisies. It’s annoying to sit inside and think of all the gardening chores I need to do. Am I the only crazy person, with my nose on the window, planning where I’m going to plant the new shrub I bought yesterday?

Well at least I get to set up my new blog with my wonderful, smart, and silly 12-year-old son. Without him I would be lost and these sentences would not have enough commas. I am very excited to be using a new site and will be able to post more often what is going on in my garden and maybe in my home.

We are currently waiting impatiently for the birth of a litter of tiny turtles. The mother turtle chose our garden to dig a hole and place her delicate eggs here. Unfortunately, it was identified as a snapping turtle. Ouch!!! We hope to direct her brood back into the forest next door. We will keep you posted on the birth and any subsequent injuries. Have fun gardening!


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